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DATE: August 16, 2019
CONTACT: Craig Murphy
PHONE: 817-845-0111

Williamson County Sheriff, Robert Chody, today announced he will run for election to a second term in the 2020 March Primary and November General Election.


In his first term as Sheriff, Chody focused on many innovations in the Department and jail. To name just a few, Chody established a Cold Case Unit and launched a family support group for the Cold Case Victims. Chody has also brought the Sheriff's Office into the 21st century utilizing the current technology and initiatives. In doing so, he drastically cut response times on priority calls.


Very early in his term, Chody created a training academy to hire those within the Corrections Bureau and maintain continuing education training. He also better streamlined the hiring process to quickly fill the 30 vacancies that existed when he took office. In the last few years, he has succeeded in filling one of the largest staffing requests in County history. Chody also established a SWAT team and expanded the K-9 Unit.


To help citizens fight crime, Chody created a Self-Defense Academy that has served nearly 24,000 community members and is still growing. After the shooting in Sutherland Springs, he hosted a security summit to help churches-both locally and from across the state-combat church shootings.


"I will never forget what led me to pursue a career in public safety," said Chody. "A young officer saved my mother and me from an abusive man my mother was dating at the time. Today, having served at nearly every level of law enforcement, I am able to pay it forward."


"Because of that experience, I accept nothing but constant improvement and innovation," said Chody. "Our goal is to prevent crime before it happens, and when we can't, we must find and arrest the culprit while guaranteeing that innocent citizens can live their lives as undisturbed and safely as possible."


Chody's Sheriff's Department has distinguished itself so much that it was selected to be on LIVE PD, a program on the A&E Network. The program is hosted by Dan Abrams, Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News.


Before his election to Sheriff three years ago, Chody served for eight years as an elected Williamson County Constable. He also has worked as a Senior Patrol Officer and trainer for the Austin Police Department and as a corrections officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Robert and his wife, Beverly, have been married 30 years, and have four children.