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Longtime Lawman

As a teenager, Robert Chody was protected by a law enforcement officer who arrested a man who was abusing Chody’s mother. Since that day, Chody knew he wanted to dedicate his life to making other families feel safe.

For over 30 years, Robert Chody has served our community at nearly every level of public safety before we elected him our Williamson County Sheriff. He has served as a Corporal in the U.S. Army, worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, trained future police officers, and led some of Williamson County’s top public safety initiatives. 


As Sheriff, Robert has built on his extensive experience in law enforcement to help keep our neighborhoods safe from violent criminals, gangs, drunk drivers, and human trafficking. He’s also taken meaningful steps to help victims of crime and ensure they receive the support and justice they deserve. This includes establishing the state’s most robust and the largest cold case unit in Williamson County history with over 24 reserve investigators assigned to cases daily. To date, they have identified the victims of 30 and 40-year cold cases with more expected soon.


Expanding Williamson County’s K9 Units


Sheriff Chody expanded the Williamson County K-9 dog unit to improve seizure of illegal drugs, currency, and missing persons and worked to give these hero canines a peaceful retirement with their handlers.


Until last November, state law required canine officers to be "auctioned" or even destroyed upon retirement like any other state property. Sheriff Chody helped successfully fight to change the Texas Constitution and now these four-legged heroes can have a comfortable retirement with their handlers without needless red tape and extra hoops.


Protect Private Property Rights


Vandalism and "low dollar" theft may be petty crime in the mind of many law enforcement officials, but a few hundred dollars can be a huge setback for struggling families, especially now. Under Sheriff Chody’s leadership, the Wilco's Sheriff's Department has bucked a national trend by continuing to investigate "low dollar" crimes on personal property.


Since we elected him Sheriff, Robert has protected our private property rights at all costs.


Upholding the Constitution

A strong Constitutionalist, Sheriff Chody knows law enforcement officials must serve and protect others while upholding everyone’s individual liberties to the utmost. Police officers are entrusted with defending our families and communities, but Robert knows they should never overstep their authority. 


As our Sheriff, Robert adheres to the Constitution, provides transparency, and never violates our civil liberties or abuses the power of his position.


Defending The 2nd Amendment


Every citizen has the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  Robert is an unwavering defender of our right to own firearms.  Robert agrees with our Founding Fathers that a strong 2nd Amendment empowers each of us to keep our families safe. 


Child and Domestic Abuse


Sheriff Chody’s desire to serve in law enforcement comes from his experience growing up in an abusive family situation. Fortunately, when Robert was just 14 years old, a police officer intervened to remove his mother’s abusive boyfriend and took him to jail. He knew then, he wanted to become a police officer. Under Chody’s leadership, our children and families will be protected from those who would abuse them.


Not only has Sheriff Chody made addressing domestic abuse a priority for his department, he has advocated for changes in our law and even testified repeatedly in the state legislature for policies to better protect victims.


Fighting the “Defund the Police” Movement


With Seattle voting to defund the police and Austin announcing their latest suggested cuts to law enforcement, we must keep Wilco law enforcement strong. Statewide rates of violent crime are down and to strip law enforcement funding during these times of unprecedented unrest is the worst thing we can do for our communities. Sheriff Chody has been a strong voice against the calls by radical activists and will continue to stand against the “defund” agenda.


Serving Our Community


Our neighborhoods should be a safe refuge. A resident of the area for over 20 years, Robert is deeply committed to protecting our neighborhoods. From leading Williamson County Brown Santa fundraising events to comforting the families of fallen police officers, Robert cares deeply for our community and shares our values.


With your support, Sheriff Chody will continue to lead by example when it comes to protecting and strengthening our local community for future generations.