• Sheriff Robert Chody

Shawn Dick Declines to Provide Any Evidence for His Bogus Tampering Charge

Yesterday, after the Chody legal team released its statement exposing the flawed theory of prosecution in Shawn Dick’s tampering case, Dick issued a statement declining to provide any additional support for his bogus prosecution of Sheriff Chody. Dick claimed that he was unable to substantiate his charge of tampering because he was restricted by the Texas Rules of Professional Conduct from “trying a case in the press.”

Dick’s statements are hypocritical and dishonest. First of all, Dick began this prosecution by hosting a joint press conference with the Democrat District Attorney from Travis County on the steps of the Williamson County Court House. Second, Dick rushed his indictment through on the last day the grand jury was empaneled so he could break this indictment during the election. Dick wanted this indictment to have a political impact.

Finally, Dick has made extensive use of the press in other cases, and even in the Ambler case. For instance, Dick was compelled (through the open records process) to hand over a portion of his correspondence with Tony Plohetski, a reporter for the Austin American Statesman. While Dick has stated publicly that he cannot discuss the Ambler case with the press, he had no problem doing so with Plohetski (when he thought he was not going to be caught). In the text exchange, Dick coaches the reporter on how to tie a separate incident to the Ambler case, going as far as to provide the exact minute marker in a video where the reporter can find what he needs.

The day after the exchange, Plohetski published a story where he advanced the prejudicial arguments Dick provided against the Williamson County Sheriff’s office.

It is of note that Plohetski is one of the few reporters who did not cover the statement yesterday by the Chody legal team.

“Shawn Dick rushed an indictment for political purposes, and now he is dealing with the consequences,” said campaign spokesman, Craig Murphy. “Dick refuses to defend his case in public because it is indefensible. We will continue to hold him to account for his serious misconduct.”