Victim Assistance Unit

When he was a young boy, Sheriff Chody’s own mother was a victim of domestic abuse by her boyfriend. Robert himself was inspired to become a cop when he, his mother, and brother were saved by a young police officer who stopped the man from harming them.


It is because of this personal experience that Sheriff Chody has always worked hard to provide as much support as possible to victims of crime and domestic abuse.

If you, a loved one or a member of your family has been affected by crisis, trauma or concerns, following criminal victimization, please contact the Victim Assistance Unit of the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.


As members of the Williamson County Sheriff's Office, we are dedicated to serving the citizens of Williamson County. We understand that crime and victimization affects individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities in a variety of ways.


We can offer a number of services, resources and information designed to assist you.  Please feel free to review the information and resources on this website and call or email us if we may be of assistance.

For Help, Call (512) 943-1375


Sheriff's Office
Victims Assistance

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Victim Assistance Volunteer Team

Our Volunteer Program
The Victim Assistance Program is a division of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. The Victim Assistance Volunteer Team is a group of highly trained volunteers, specializing in crisis intervention for survivors, witnesses and families who have been traumatized by the experience of death, serious injury, violent crime, or natural disaster. Victim Assistance representatives are available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Purpose
Following a traumatic event, people often feel helpless, confused and emotionally shocked. After the Emergency Responders (fire, police, and EMS) conduct their initial investigation, they often have other calls they must attend to. Victim Service Response Teams remain with the victims in the immediate aftermath to assist the victim(s) with temporary support through the first difficult hours and provide referrals for further assistance.

Types of situations we respond to...
It is our ultimate goal to have the ability to respond to any situation in which emergency personnel would need our assistance including but not limited to; homicides, suicides/suicidal attempts, natural death, death notifications, fires, child/elder abuse, family violence, sexual Assaults, traffic accidents, general welfare concerns, violent crimes and natural disasters.

Why Become A Victim Assistance Volunteer?

1. Be involved - Victims of crime appreciate the support from community members. If you want to work with people, this position is for you.

2. Make a Difference – This is rewarding work. Helping others increases one’s self-esteem and can provide you with invaluable life lessons and perspective.

3. Develop and/or Maintain Job Skills – Volunteering is a great way to gain hands-on experience for a future career, network with peers, build your resume, and gain leadership skills. Have you left a field of service but can’t shake the need to help others or share your knowledge and experiences? Volunteering is a great way to continue to utilize your skills and experiences which you’ve developed over the years in your career.

4. Enhance Your Experiences – You learn a lot in class or by reading books, but real life experience can provide immense knowledge not to be found anywhere else.

5. Explore Other Interests – Volunteering can bring a richness and balance to your life. If you want to see what else is out there or just expand a bit, then volunteering is for you.

6. Meet New Friends – It’s a great way to develop long-lasting friendships with other volunteers. You never know who you may meet! Attending our monthly meetings can introduce you to a group of like-minded people or to people you would never know otherwise.